Community Partners

Spartan Electrical are proud to be involved in many charitable organisations and events supporting the community and foundations to make a difference.

Charities include the Captain Courageous Foundation, helping find a cure for children who suffer Bone Marrow Failure disease.

Locally we support Justice Net, a pro bono law firm in South Australia and through Kennett Builders partnership we are raising much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Prevention.

If you would like to find out more about these organisations please follow the links below.


Spartan Electrical is proud to announce a new partnership with bowel cancer prevention charity, The Jodi Lee Foundation.

Spartan is excited about the opportunities the partnership offers its employees, and is looking forward to introducing the Foundation to its suppliers and customers over the next 12 months.

About The Jodi Lee Foundation

The Jodi Lee Foundation was established in 2010 after Nick Lee lost his wife Jodi to bowel cancer at age 41.

The Foundation’s mission is to encourage people to take active steps to prevent bowel cancer by screening regularly, acting quickly on symptoms and leading healthy and active lifestyles.

Money raised by The Jodi Lee Foundation is used to fund national bowel cancer awareness campaigns; a Corporate Bowel Screening Program to encourage the screening of employees; and research to improve the early detection of bowel cancer.

For more information about bowel cancer or the Foundation visit www.jodileefoundation.org.au





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