Steam Ovens

steamovenSteaming your food is not only a healthy cooking option, it is a far more gentle cooking method than boiling which retains the foods vitamins and appearance.

Whether the vegetables are fresh or frozen makes no difference, steaming gently brings food to a cooked consistency that you chose while retaining flavour, aroma and colour.

Using steam to cook is not just limited to cooking on the stove, now you can enjoy the benefits of steaming for roasts, baking, dough proving and defrosting. We know your next questions will be – what about roast pork with crackling? Your roasted meats, including pork, will turn out mouth wateringly moist, tender and flavoursome with crispy crackling to boot! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Introducing a combination steam oven into your kitchen will give you the option of classic hot-air baking and roasting as well. Most models have an electronic thermostat to maintain accurate temperature. Other models have automatic cooking functions which will select the right heating source, temperature and cooking time to achieve perfect results every time.

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